The Unsearchables

The Quiz you can’t Google


Google won’t help with these questions as all the answers come from undocumented everyday true-life stories told in staffrooms, around dinner tables and commutes. A game-show with a difference.unsearchable


Blatantly lifted from John Fleming’s Blog

Yesterday afternoon, I went to see Ian Fox’s show The Unsearchables – a ridiculously enjoyable hotch potch of bizarre photos and facts which you CANNOT find by searching on Google… in the format of an audience involvement gameshow.

It did not seem strange that someone in the audience said they knew a couple who had named all of their five sons Mark. No other forenames. All five were called Mark. And American comedian Spring Day (her real name), who lives in Japan, said that one line she wished she had never heard was when she was having an operation in a Tokyo hospital where they did not realise she understood Japanese. As the anaesthetist injected Spring just before she was about to be cut open, he said: I wonder if this will be enough?

Still from show
Still from show (Image taken by John Fleming)